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13:39 aumi-ng Concepts: RE: Name for project
Okay, maybe you'll throw in some synonyms or associations with "eastern", "orient", "asia", "list", "database", "japa...


18:01 aumi-ng Concepts: RE: Name for project
> n dot tl part just creepy.
Omitting vowels is kinda popular in web-startup world these days (flickr.com for exampl...
12:24 aumi-ng Concepts: RE: Feature requests
I think we'll use it only for blogs. Dunno 'bout other sections.
Anyway, you can propose anything.


14:59 aumi-ng Concepts: RE: Name for project
1) Current name doesn't mean anything (except for "sea of anime", but we shifted focus to anything, related to...


18:27 aumi-ng Concepts: RE: Name for project
orien.tl - for example (oriental).


19:18 aumi-ng Concepts: Feature requests
Any feature requests and random thoughts.
What do you want new site to look like? What features should it have? May...
13:33 aumi-ng Concepts: Name for project
Ok, we need a name (and domain) for project. Codename stays (almost) as it is: aumi-ng.
New project will be based ar...

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